AWS Training in Hyderabad by Digital Lync

Institute Name: Digital Lync
Institute Details:
Course Name: AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Course Category: AWS Training in Hyderabad
Course training type: Class Room & Online
Course Prerequisites:    Details not available
Course Syllabus:           AWS Overview
Ø  Definition and Fundamentals of Cloud
Ø  Cloud Service Models
Ø  Could Deployment Models
Ø  Description of AWS
Ø  History and Evolution of AWS
Ø  Overview of AWS Products and Services
Ø  Walk through of AWS Free Tier Account
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Ø  IAM Overview
Ø  IAM Policies
Ø  IAM Users
Ø  IAM Groups
Ø  IAM Roles
Ø  IAM best practices
Ø  Hands On: Creating an IAM Policy
Ø  Creating an IAM User
Ø  Creating an IAM Group
Ø  Creating an IAM Role
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
Ø  IP Addressing overview
Ø  Amazon VPC Overview
Ø  Amazon VPC
Ø  Subnets
Ø  Internet
Ø  Gateway
Ø  Route Tables
Ø  VPC Best Practices
Ø  Hands On : Creating a custom VPC
Ø  Creating a NAT Gateway
Ø  Creating a Security Group
Ø  Network ACL Overview
Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)
Ø  Virtualizatoin basics
Ø  Amazon EC2 Overview
Ø  Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
Ø  EBS Snapshots
Ø  Attaching EBS Volumes
Ø  EBS Snapshots
Ø  Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
Ø  EC2 Best Practices
Ø  Elastic Load Balancing
Ø  Auto Scaling
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
Ø  Amazon S3 Overview
Ø  CloudFront and CDNs
Ø  Security and Encryption
Ø  Amazon CloudFront
Ø  Security and Encryption
Route 53
Ø  Amazon Route 53 Overview
Ø  Amazon Route 53 and DNS
Ø  Route 53 Routing Policies
Ø  Route 53 best practices
Ø  Databases Overview
Ø  Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
Ø  Amazon DynamoDB
Ø  Amazon Redshift
Ø  Amazon ElastiCache
Ø  Simple Queue Service-SQS
Ø  AWS Database Migration Services (DMS)
Ø  Databases best practices
Application Services
Ø  Application Services best practices
Ø  How to Design Cloud Services
Ø  Application Services costs
Ø  Planning and Designing
Application Services Costs, Planning and Designing
Ø  Monitoring and Logging
Ø  Hybrid IT architectures
Ø  Exam Prep
Ø  Interview questions
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Institute Branches: Hyderabad
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Institute Contact No.: +91 98212 72652
Institute Email: Details not available

Institute Address: 2nd Floor, Plot No.: 6-11, Survey No.:40, Khajaguda, Naga Hills Road, Madhura Nagar Colony, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.