AWS Training in Hyderabad by Vtech Soft

Institute Name: Vtech Soft
Institute Details:
Course Name: AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Course Category: AWS Training in Hyderabad
Course training type: Class Room & Online
Course Prerequisites:    Basic knowledge of the Internet is essential to select this course in this productive career.

Course Syllabus:           Introduction to AWS Cloud Services

Ø  What is cloud computing?
Ø  History of cloud
Ø  Different vendors for Cloud
Ø  Cloud main objectives
Ø  IaaS overview
Ø  PaaS overview
Ø  SaaS overview
Ø  Why Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud
Ø  AWS Architecture
Ø  Features of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud

AWS Console:

Ø  Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management Console
Ø  Amazon Web Services (AWS) plugins
Ø  Amazon Web Services (AWS) CLI
Ø  Amazon Web Services (AWS) Blogs/Documentation

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (Complete)

Ø  Different instance types
Ø  AMI's
Ø  Volumes
Ø  Snapshots
Ø  EIP's
Ø  Key pairs
Ø  Security groups
Ø  Network Interfaces
Ø  Load balancers
Ø  Auto scaling
Ø  Tags AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3

Ø  What is s3?
Ø  Buckets & objects
Ø  Pre-signed URL
Ø  Permissions
Ø  Distributions
Ø  Relation between Cloud front, S3 & glacier


Ø  VPC basics
Ø  Public subnets & private subnets
Ø  Network ACL's
Ø  Difference between Network ACL & Security groups
Ø  Route tables
Ø  Internet gateways
Ø  DHCP option sets
Ø  Launch Servers with VPC.


Ø  Basics of AWS permissions.
Ø  Roles
Ø  Profiles
Ø  Policies
Ø  MFA authentication.
Ø  User permissions
Ø  Groups based
Ø  AWS key & Secret Key

Dynamo DB

Ø  What is no sql technologies
Ø  Dynamo DB capacity
Ø  Create tables & do a sample projects.

Route 53

Ø  Hosted zone
Ø  Types(Cname, Ip address, MX)
Ø  Change references to meet CName AWS


Ø  Email services
Ø  SMTP Servers


Ø  Queue creations
Ø  Retention periods
Ø  Dead letters


Ø  Topic
Ø  Subscriptions
Ø  Notification & Applications

Cloud Watch

Ø  Different Metrics
Ø  Monitoring
Ø  Custom metrics

Cloud Formation

Ø  Cloud formation templates
Ø  Complete resources & explanation with sample templates

Cloud Front

Code deploy

Ø  Why Code deploy
Ø  How to apply patch with Code Deploy



Cloud Trail

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Config

Network Concepts: AWS

Ø  Active directory
Ø  Computer name
Ø  Network commands


Ø  AwsCli commands
Ø  Python
Ø  PowerShell
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