AWS Training in Hyderabad by Kelly Tech

Institute Name: Kelly Technologies
Institute Details:
Course Name: AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Course Category: AWS Training in Hyderabad
Course training type: Class Room & Online
Course Prerequisites:    1. Knowledge in the distributed systems 
2. Skills in general working concepts
3. Skills in the cloud computing concepts
4. Subject knowledge in Multi tier architectures
Course Syllabus:           AWS DEVOPS
Introduction to AWS DEVOPS
Ø  What is DevOps in cloud?
Ø  History of DevOps
Ø  DevOps and software life cycle
Ø  DevOps main objectives
Ø  IAAS overview
Ø  PAAS overview
Ø  SAAS overview
Ø  Continuous testing and Integration
Ø  Continuous Release and deployment
Ø  Continuous Application monitoring
AWS Web Services
Basic of Linux for AWS
Ø  cd , mkdir , ls, jobs, chmod, vim ,vi&cat, gzip and many more
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (Complete)
Ø  Different instance types
Ø  AMI’s
Ø  Volumes
Ø  Snap shots
Ø  EIP’s
Ø  Key pairs
Ø  Security groups
Ø  Network Interfaces
Ø  Load balancers
Ø  Auto scaling
Ø  Tags
Ø  What is S3?
Ø  Creation of Buckets &objects
Ø  Adding objects to buckets
Ø  Notifications
Ø  S3 data encryption types
Ø  Hosting a static Website
Ø  Pre-signed URL
Ø  Permissions
Ø  Distributions
Ø  Relation between Cloud front,S3&glacier

Ø  VPC basics
Ø  Public subnet & Private subnets
Ø  Network Access Control List’s
Ø  Difference between Network ACL & Security groups
Ø  Difference between NAT instances & NAT Gateways
Ø  Creation of Route tables
Ø  Creation of Internet gateways(IGW)
Ø  DHCP option sets
Ø  Launch Servers with VPC
Ø  VPC peering
Ø  VPN overview & components
Ø  Creation of user accounts
Ø  Creation of Group
Ø  Basics of AWS permissions
Ø  Creation of Roles
Ø  Difference between Roles & policies
Ø  What is IAM Profile
Ø  Creation of custom Policies for delegation
Ø  Setting up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) authentication
Ø  User permissions
Ø  Access key & Secret Key
Dynamo DB
Ø  What is no sql technologies
Ø  Dynamo DB capacity
Ø  Create tables & do a simple projects
Ø  DB Instances
Ø  Creating your database
Ø  RDS Limits
Ø  Setting up automatic backups,snapshots & restores
Ø  Managing Mysql Database server
Ø  Deleting or Rebooting a DB instance
Ø  Working with storage types
Ø  Security: Using IAM to manage Access to Amazon RDS Resources
Ø  Difference between other databases like (Dynamo DB & RDS) to Redshift
Ø  How queries are run regardless of data size
Ø  What is parameter groups
Ø  What is workload management
Direct connect
Ø  What is dedicated network connection
Ø  How to establish private connection between AWS & your data center
Ø  Configure virtual interference
Ø  Connect your network to AWS
Route 53
Ø  Configuring Amazon Route 53 as your DNS Service
Ø  Registering a Domain Name and configuring as the DNS Service
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Institute Branches: Hyderabad, Guntur & Bangalore
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Institute Contact No.: Hyderabad branch contact: +91 9985706789
                                    Guntur branch contact: +91 905 270 6789
Bangalore branch contact: +91 784 800 6789
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Institute Address: Hyderabad branch Address: Flat No.:212, 2nd Floor, Annapurna Block, Aditya Enclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Guntur branch Address: Plot No. 28, 4th Floor, Suraj Trade Center, Chandra Mouli Nagar, Guntur, A.P., India.

Bangalore Branch Address: #164, First Floor, Marthahalli Main Road, HAL Road, Marathalli, Bangalore, India.