AWS Training in Hyderabad by Durga Soft

Institute Name: Durga Software Solutions
Institute Details:
Course Name: AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Course Category: AWS Training in Hyderabad
Course training type: Class Room & Online
Course Prerequisites: Details not available
Course Syllabus: Introduction of AWS
Ø Introduction of cloud
Ø Types of Cloud
Ø AWS Cloud Architecture.
Identity & Access Management
Ø IAM Essentials
Ø IAM Policies
Ø IAM Users
Ø IAM Groups
Ø IAM Roles
Ø Multi-Factor Authentication.
WS Interfaces
Ø Interactive with AWS
Ø Console Tour and Navigation: Setting and Account Management
Compute Service
Ø Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2)
Ø EC2 Essentials
Ø EC2 AMIs and Virtualization
Ø EC2 instance types
Ø Public, Private and Elastic IP Addresses
Ø EC2 Bootstrapping, User Data and Metadata
Ø Security Groups
Ø Key Pairs and Connecting to an EC2 via SSH
Ø EBS snapshots
Ø EC2 Placement Groups
Ø Elastic File System(EFS)
Ø Practical: Provisioning EC2 instance; EC2 Backup Solutions with AMIs and Snapshots
Ø Practical: Accessing instances User Data and Meta Data
AWS Management Tools
Ø Introduction of Cloud Watch.
Ø Introduction of Cloud Trail.
Ø Simple Notification Service.
Ø Practical: Configuring Cloud Watch Alarms, Cloud Trail Event log and SNS Topic.
AWS Networking
Ø Introduction of Virtual Private Cloud(VPC).
Ø Configuring VPC.
Ø Subnets
Ø Route Tables
Ø Internet Gateways
Ø Nat Gateways
Ø Network ACLs
Ø VPC peering.
Ø Practical: Configuring the VPC from scratch.
Ø Practical: Creating Public and Private Network.
AWS High Availability
Ø Introduction to Elastic Load Balancer.
Ø Types of Load Balancers.
Ø Target Groups.
Ø Auto Scaling.
Ø Practical: Configuring Application Load Balancer with Auto Scaling.
Storage Services
Ø Simple Storage Service
Ø S3 Essentials
Ø S3 Essentials
Ø S3 Permissions
Ø S3 Storage Classes
Ø Object Versioning
Ø S3 Lifecycle Policies
Ø S3 Events
Ø Website Hosting with S3
Ø Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Ø Practical: Using S3 for Static Web Hosting
Ø Practical: Configuring Backup with S3
Content Delivery and Networking
Ø Introduction of Route53
Ø Route53 Essentials
Ø Introduction of CloudFront
Ø Practical: Configuring Route53 and Hosted Zones
Ø Practical: Configuring a CloudFront Distribution
AWS Interfaces(The AWS CLI)
Ø Interacting with AWS.
Ø Install & Configure the AWS CLI
Database Services
Ø Introduction of RDS.
Ø RDS Essentials
Ø Practical: Create and Configure RDS Database
Ø Introduction of DynamoDB Essentials
Ø Introduction of ElasticCache
Deployment Services 
Ø Introduction of Cloud Formation
Ø Cloud Formation Essential
Ø Practical: Creating an S3 bucket with Cloud Formation.
Elastic Beanstalk
Ø Introduction of Elastic Beanstalk.
Ø Elastic Beanstalk Essentials.
Ø Deploying a Simple Web Application with Elastic Beanstalk.
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Institute Branches: Hyderabad
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Institute Contact No.: 09246212143
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Institute Address: Plot No.: 202, 2nd Floor, HUDA Maitrivanam, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.